DSC07326Our Mission

Be one of the preferred printing and packaging companies of multinational clients located locally and internationally.

Our Vision 

Deliver excellent creative printing and packaging solutions for businesses using state of the art printing devices which will provide quality products for our customers.

We believe that God is sovereign over all things.

We believe that God allowed IPLMI to be organized to serve a special purpose in His Kingdom:
To bring praise, glory and honor to His name by being God’s vehicle in bringing the Good News to as many people as possible.
We will do this by:


Making a difference in the marketplace.
We will do even the most mundane of things with
We will always be compliant to all
applicable Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety laws.



Making a difference in the lives of those we serve.
We will touch people’s lives by living a life of
That means, we will always walk our talk.
Honesty will be a hallmark of all our actions and
will guide all our decisions.


Making a difference by making people grow.
IPLMI will be a learning organization
that will motivate its people to meet their highest potentials. Thus, we will relentlessly promote
and  continuing improvement in every area of our organization.


Making a difference in the way we do business.
We will constantly practice
We will treat each opportunity that comes;
each person that we employ or do business with;
each company resource; each peso that we earn
as good stewards.


Making a difference in the communities we operate in by practicing good
We commit to share the blessings we receive
through active participation in social
development programs and activities that will improve
the lives of people in the community.


And lastly,

We invoke the guidance and blessings of the Almighty to give us wisdom and empower us to live these values and be a light unto others.

PRAISE BE TO GOD!Certification


Securities and Exchange Commission AJA Registrars
Company Reg. No. CS2000312530
2 June 2003

Bureau of Internal Revenue AJA Registrars
TIN 229-521-917-000
24 February 2004

Philippine Economic Zone Authority
Certificate No. 2007-450
31 January 2007

AJA Registrars
OHSAS 18001:2007
Certification Registration No.: AP/PH/08/HS/321

AJA Registrars
ISO 9001:2008
Certification No.: AJA08.0391

AJA Registrars
BS EN ISO 14001:2004
Certification Registration No.: AJA08/12904